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December 2012

Dear Friend of Film Forum:

"Many doomsayers predict the digital revolution will destroy the magic of the cinema, not movies themselves, but the actual communal experience of going into a dimly-lit auditorium, munching popcorn, and engaging in a collective celluloid fantasy...

The public cinema remains one of the few truly democratic leveling institutions left in America... We may not be able to staunch the march of new technology, but let's make sure the digital revolution does not destroy the collaborative nature of cinema-going."
- Excerpted from a BBC News report, 1999

Online streaming, video-on-demand, and other home-viewing services are now common-place. Film Forum remains a destination to see high-quality film on screen – a communal experience for those willing to take a chance on new filmmakers or interested in revisiting movie classics.

Why are we nonprofit?
•    We select films for their quality, not their box office potential.
•    We play controversial, difficult, relevant new films.
•    This work is labor-intensive and expensive.

Why do we need your support?
•    Federal, state and city agencies have cut back on public funding.
•    Corporate gifts for a movie house are nearly nonexistent.
•    Keeping pace with new technology is more costly than ever.

Film Forum's new programs: Despite these circumstances, we are committed to providing new opportunities for our audiences to enjoy the best in cinema.
•    FILM FORUM JR. Film Forum Jr.: Beginning January 6, 2013, every Sunday at 11am, we will present classics (including silent with live piano) for children age 5 and over – comedies, dramas, musicals, animation, etc. All tickets: $7.
•    An annual, one-week premiere offered free to the public. A documentary conversation with Philip Roth in honor of his 80th birthday will play March 13-19.

These series are only made possible through generous support.
Your gift will help keep these and other programs on our screens.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution today, and show your support for independent and classic cinema.

Our small is beautiful campaign asks you to contribute
$10, $15, or $25. Or leap into the jumbo-small category: $50.

If you have already given, THANK YOU so much.
If not, we need you to make a donation.

If enough people give, even $10 is meaningful.
There is strength in numbers!

Your name will be recorded on our website in our small is beautiful roster.

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Many thanks and best wishes for the New Year,
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